Top Tips for Winning at Online Blackjack

Boost your chances of winning at online blackjack

Looking to find out how to win money playing blackjack at an online casino? Check out some of the best online blackjack tips and improve your chances of winning. Learn about giving yourself the best chance to win the most cash and how to take advantage of free bonus offers.

blackjack basic strategy chart

Online blackjack strategy

The biggest thing that players need to do before starting to play blackjack properly, is to make sure to do some research and to learn basic strategy. Players who don’t apply basic strategy, are essentially throwing money away at the tables. Why? Because the game of blackjack is based on solely on mathematical probability. Knowing when to hit, stand, split or double down is the key to winning and the best online blackjack tip to know. Not knowing the basic probabilities and blackjack strategy is a recipe for getting killed at the tables.

Find the right table

This sounds like a simple rule, but too often players sit down at a table where the minimum bet is larger than they would like, simply to have action. In the long run, the house advantage will catch up to even the best blackjack players, so being forced to wager a larger percentage of your bankroll may cause you to end up losing it quickly.

Online casinos do offer different online variations of the basic game of blackjack, so it is paramount to find a table that gives the best chance of winning. As a rule NEVER sit at a table that offers a 6:5 payout for a ‘blackjack’. Only play at table where the payout for getting blackjack is the old industry standard of 3:2.

Some casinos will allow players to double down on a 10 or 11, while other casinos will allow players to double down on any two cards. Most blackjack games allow the dealer to hit on a Soft 17 (the hand includes an Ace).  But, when a dealer has to stand on a Soft 17, it cuts the house edge significantly and makes it somewhat easier to win. Another difference is the ability for players to surrender a poor hand against a dealer’s up card. There is some strategy behind when to surrender, but when used properly, surrendering is another tool to help reduce the house edge.

Don’t buy into blackjack betting systems

As stated above, blackjack, more than any other casino game, is a game of mathematical probabilities. This means that based on the house rules, over time, the house will win. But, runs of good or bad cards are possible. Thus, the only real way to win playing blackjack is solid money management. Basically, betting the same amount on each hand is the primary money management system to use. Sure, when the cards are rolling your way, perhaps bet two chips instead of one, but never, ever chase a losing hand or three. Chasing a string of losing hands with bigger bets in order to recover is the most sure way to lose everything. 

Online blackjack is different

If you have spent any time at a blackjack table in a physical casino to play blackjack, there are obvious things to notice. For one, the cards sit in a shoe and get dealt down to the cut card and then the decks are reshuffled. In the online game, the deck is literally reshuffled after each hand. Online casino games all employ the use of a Random Number Generator (RNG). online  blackjack This makes the cards come out randomly, making it much harder to win playing blackjack online. There is no way to ‘count cards’ or even know that too many aces have shown up in recent strong of hands to give you and edge on hitting a soft hand.

Because online players need to click buttons and can sit on their couch making slower decisions, the online game of blackjack is slower than the version at a live, land-based casino. The best blackjack players rely on the amount of money wagered, or handle, to win consistently. Betting 200 $20 hands in an hour, using basic strategy and following the game flow, will yield more winnings than playing 50 hands. Thus, the slower game makes it more difficult for the best players to consistently win and stay ahead of the house advantage.

Use these online blackjack tips and keep a basic strategy card handy when playing. But, the real key to winning is patience and knowing when to just walk away from the computer.

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