Top 5 fun Super Bowl 58 props

Some Super Bowl Props are just Fun

It seems like there are thousands of prop bets available for Super Bowl 58. Player props, scoring props, punt props, defensive props and the list goes on and on. But some Super Bowl props are just plain fun to play. I’ll look at top top 5 fun props for Super Bowl 58, in no particular order.

Will there be scorigami? 

You might be wondering what a scorigami is. Well, a scorigami is a scoring combination that has never happened in a sport or leagues history. Three instances of scorigami have occurred in Super Bowl history, with the most recent one taking place in Super Bowl 48. The game saw the Seattle Seahawks win over the Denver Broncos with a final score of 43-8. Currently, the odds at FanDuel Sportsbook stand at +2500 for a scorigami to occur and -10000 for no scorigami. During the latest NFL season, there were nine scorigami’s that occurred with the most noteworthy being the Baltimore Ravens dominating the Miami Dolphins with a score of 56-19. Looking back at the Kansas City Chiefs, their most recent scorigami dates back to 2018, and they have been involved in a total of six since 2002. The San Francisco 49ers, their most recent scorigami was in 2017, and they have participated in a remarkable 17 instances since 2002. 

Coin Toss

 The coin toss stands as a timeless and entertaining Super Bowl prop, adding an element of chance to the excitement of the game. Currently, the most favorable odds for either side of the coin are available at Draft Kings Sportsbook for +100 odds. Throughout Super Bowl history, the coin has landed on heads 27 times and tails 30 times, accounting for 47% and 53% of occurrences, respectively. Notably, in seven out of the last ten Super Bowls, the result favored tails. Over the past three years, two were marked by heads, concluding a streak, while last year saw a return to tails. While there’s no strategic advantage in predicting the coin toss, it adds a layer of fun and anticipation to the Super Bowl experience, making it a lighthearted and enjoyable aspect to consider when placing bets. 

Combined TD scorer jersey numbers 

This year, Draft Kings Sportsbook has set the line for the total number of all players jersey numbers who score a touchdown at 121.5. In last year’s Super Bowl, featuring the Eagles against the Chiefs, the combined jersey numbers of the touchdown scorers totaled 201, contributing to a high-scoring game with 73 total points. In the previous year’s matchup between the Bengals and Rams, the combined jersey number reached 205, but the combined point total was only 43. For this year’s prop, keep an eye on key players Travis Kelce and George Kittle with their high jersey numbers of 87 and 85, respectively. If both manage to score, it could tip the prop over. However, with the game total set at 47.5, the lowest since 2017, under could be something to look at, as it could possibly be a low scoring game. 

Length of National Anthem  

Reba McEntire is set sing the National Anthem, and the anticipation is building. The betting lines on FanDuel Sportsbook, Draft Kings, and Bet MGM are all set at 90.5 seconds. Interestingly, the line opened at 84.5 seconds and has seen a noteworthy upward shift, now standing 6 seconds longer. Bet MGM reports that 70% of bets are favoring the over. If the final performance falls under this line, it would mark the shortest National Anthem since 1998 when it was completed in just 87 seconds.  

Will Travis Kelce propose to Taylor Swift on Field After the Game? 

FanDuel Sportsbook has one of the wildest prop bets ever. They’re taking bets on whether Travis Kelce will propose to Taylor Swift on the field after the game. You can wager on “yes” at +820 or “no” at -2000. It’s a playful addition to the prop bet lineup, injecting a touch of romance into the post-game scenario. So, will Kelce make a proposal in front of the cameras? The odds say it’s a long shot, but in the unpredictable world of sports betting, anything can happen. 

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