GamblersWORLD Announces Winners of Super Bowl LVIII Squares Contest

Two players cash for $500 each in the gamblersWORLD Super Bowl  Squares Contest

One of the great Super Bowl traditions throughout the county has always been Super Bowl squares pools. Wether it be at the office, club or bar or as a fundraiser, squares contests are something everyone can play, no skill required. And so, this year, here at GamblersWORLD, we wanted to offer a contest that put pros and joes on a level playing field. The gamblersWORLD Super Bowl Squares contest was born!

For just $10 players were able to buy one square for a shot at a $1000 prize pool. Players were given two chances to win, with $500 to the player with square for the first half score and $500 awarded for the player with the final score square.

The first half ended with the score San Francisco 10 and Kansas City 3. so the square for SF (0) and KC (3) was the winner. Luckily for ‘Schroeder’, his pre-picked square populated with the corrrect 0-3 combination at the start of the game and he was declared the winner for the first half. He cashes in with a massive $500 cash prize!

Often, when the squares are picked many payers get instantly dissapointed. Gettng a 2, 8 or a 9, 9 are disheartening. But 2, 5 . . . that’s a sure loser. Not in Super Bowl 58! Even when the Chiefs tied the game at 19-19, thinking that 5,2 would come out had to be a sinking feeling for ‘RJtheDog‘. But after a Niners field goal gave them 22 and a game-winning touchdown by Kansas City caused there to be no extra point, ‘RJtheDog’ was a $500 winner, with KC (5) and SF (2). Unbelieveable!

As this was the first-ever Super Bowl contest at GamblersWORLD, there were still empty squares at the kickoff of SBLVIII. “We were really worried that the score would wind up on a blank square,” said GamblersWORLD CEO Jim Quinn. “We were pleasantly suprised that the 5,2 square came out and are really happy to send both winners their cash prizes!”

Our two winners have already been contacted and money orders for $500 each are on the way. Players should sign-up to be notified and follow gamblersWORLD on X (formerly Twitter) to stay tuned and get notified of any future contests. For now, we are planning for our March Madness bracket contest and hope that we will find more unbelievable outcomes and unexpected winners.


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