Jesse Schule

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Who is Jesse Schule? He’s no soothsayer and he doesn’t have a crystal ball, but Jesse Schule can indeed predict the future. As a professional handicapper, it’s actually part of his job description. His clients have accused him of secretly possessing Marty McFly’s Sports Almanac, but he tells us the secret to his success is partly thanks to his fascination with history. The idea that you can predict the future by studying the past is nothing new. Historians have been doing it for years. Jesse made headlines in 2019 when he not only predicted that the Toronto Raptors would beat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals but also cashed in prop bets on the Finals MVP and the number of games it would take for Toronto to win the series. Keep in mind that the Warriors were an overwhelming favorite, and the Washington Post actually wrote an article titled: NBA Finals experts picks: Basically no one thinks the Raptors can beat the Warriors. Now some might call it luck, especially given the injuries to Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. As luck would have it though, just two years earlier Jesse had won in a similar fashion by exploiting the player prop markets in the 2017 NBA Finals. Jesse told his clients before the series started, that he thought there was a good chance the series would be over in 4-5 games, and that presented excellent value in shorting the player performance totals for key players, especially on the losing team. He ended up making six futures bets on the series, winning all six of those bets. His success is by no means limited to the NBA, his accolades include several #1 finishes over the years. Most recently he finished 2022 as the #1 NFL handicapper at Sportsmemo, he was also #1 with All Football and All Soccer for the calendar year.

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