Sportsbook Casino Complaint Form

If you feel a site has treated you unfairly, you may submit your dispute to us. We will contact the gaming site and attempt to achieve a resolution for you.

You must have this form filled out and on file with us before we will respond to any emails regarding your complaint. If the amount of loss involved in this complaint is less than $100 we cannot help you in recovering any funds.

Your state is required
What is the name of the Sportsbook or Casino
Browser address used to login/contact gaming site
Username or ID at a site - CONFIDENTIAL - will not be shared, sold or used EVER
Make sure in include specifics of any bets, including wager amount

Please check the list below of cases that GamblersWORLD DOES NOT HELP RESOLVE:
1. Any problems with a handicapper or handicapping service.
2. Any issues with agents or illegal bookies.
3. Matters that are in clear violation of the sportsbooks website rules.
4. Matters with attorneys involved.

Please note: None of our representatives are lawyers and do not provide legal advice. By completing and submitting this form and communicating with you or providing help, we are not committing to act as your representative or taking on any obligations. Although we go to great lengths to make sure our information is accurate and useful, we cannot guarantee a resolution. In addition, GamblersWORLD is not responsible for any loss or harm you might suffer as a result of our involvement. By submitting this form you agree to hold GamblersWORLD and any of our sister companies harmless for any problems that may arise in connection with our involvement.