Will a Blue Blood program win the NCAA Championship in 2024?

The media has coined the phrase Blue Bloods for college basketball programs who are consistently ranked among the best teams in the country. Throughout all of March you’ll hear the term over and over again. The teams they are referring to are perennial champs, leaders in the toughest conference inn the nation and have a long, storied history of winning. When you think college basketball Blue Bloods, teams like Duke and North Carolina, in years past, Indiana and UCLA immediately come to mind. I’ll take a look at the top five Blue Bloods this year and look at their chances of hosting the trophy as the NCAA Men’s basketball champion in 2024.

Connecticut (UConn) Huskies

The UConn Huskies men’s basketball program has enjoyed considerable success over the years, particularly under the guidance of coaches like Jim Calhoun. The team’s crowning achievement came in 1999 when they secured their first NCAA championship. UConn has consistently been a force in the NCAA tournament since, making multiple Final Four appearances and cultivating a reputation for developing top-tier talent. Kemba Walker’s magical run in 2011, culminating in another national title, showcased the Huskies’ ability to perform at the highest level when it matters most.

The Huskies hoisted the championship trophy a year ago, starting as a #1 seed at huge odds of 24-1. This year they are #2 in the nation and again are the favorite to win it all at +500 (5-1) odds via FanDuel Sportsbook. But, keep in mind, the last team to record consecutive NCAA Basketball Championships was Florida in 2006 and 20007. Can UConn beat the odds and go back-to-back?

Duke Blue Devils

Duke’s men’s basketball program, once led by the legendary Coach Mike Krzyzewski, stands as one of the most successful in NCAA history. With an impressive five NCAA championships under Coach K’s tenure, the Blue Devils have consistently been a powerhouse, making numerous deep runs in the tournament. The program is renowned for producing NBA stars and fostering a culture of excellence. Duke’s success in the ACC and on the national stage has solidified its status as a perennial contender for college basketball supremacy. But, despite being ranked #9, they already have six losses, with a matchup with North Carolina this weekend. Early odds ahead of the ACC Tournament have the Blue Devils chances of winning the NCAA Championship far lower than in previous years, coming in at 23-1.

North Carolina Tar Heels

The North Carolina Tar Heels men’s basketball program, steeped in tradition and guided by coaching legends like Dean Smith and Roy Williams, has a rich history of success. With six NCAA championships to their name, including memorable victories led by Michael Jordan and Tyler Hansbrough, the Tar Heels have consistently been a force in the ACC and on the national stage. North Carolina’s commitment to team-oriented play and the development of NBA-caliber talent have made them a contender in college basketball.

Over the last wo years North Carolina has only missed out on the Madness twice! This year they lead the ACC, are ranked #7 in the nation and have reeled off five wins in a row. The Tar Heels are currently at +2300 odds to win it all. A victory over Duke this weekend will drop those odds to win the Big Dance for sure.

Kansas Jayhawks

The Kansas Jayhawks men’s basketball team has a storied tradition of success, dating back to the early 20th century. Coached by the accomplished Bill Self, the Jayhawks have secured multiple NCAA championships, with standout performances from players like Mario Chalmers and Danny Manning. Kansas consistently contends in the competitive Big 12 conference and boasts a reputation for resilience and excellence, making them a perennial threat in the NCAA tournament.

After winning it all just two years ago, they are at +3000 odds to capture the title in 2024. This team  beat #1 Houston back in February and if they can do it again on the road this weekend, the Jayhawks may become a bettor’s favorite longshot.

Kentucky Wildcats

The Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball program, guided by the influential John Calipari, has been a dominant force in college basketball. Known for its “one-and-done” approach, Kentucky has attracted and developed NBA-caliber talent, resulting in numerous deep tournament runs. The Wildcats secured their most recent NCAA championship in 2012 and have maintained a strong presence in the SEC. Kentucky’s consistent ability to recruit top talent and contend for national titles cements its standing as one of the premier men’s basketball programs in the country.

This season they have shown the ability to score, with over 100 points in six games. But they also struggle to defend, giving up huge totals, including 103 to rival SEC leader Tennessee. This year they are at +3500 odds to win it all and with losses to teams like Florida and LSU, it is not surprising. But in the NCAA Tournament anything can happen and you don’t want to count out a Blue Blood too early.

UConn, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, and North Carolina each have a unique story to tell. UConn’s rich history and current status as tournament favorite at +500 odds showcase their ongoing impact. Duke stands out with a formidable history at +2300 odds. Kansas brings resilience and recent success, yet are a whoppinig 30-1. Kentucky’s reputation for cultivating NBA-caliber talent, driven by Coach Calipari, and at the longest odds of these teams at 35-1 this year, underscore their consistent standing as a basketball powerhouse. The Tar Heels of North Carolina, with a tradition guided by legends, present a team-oriented approach at +2300 odds. Together, these programs contribute to the legacy of college basketball and are lookingg to enhance during this year’s March Madness.

Do you think one of these Blue Blood programs will win the NCAA Championship in 2024?

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