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Top 5 Teams 2024 NFL Schedule Breakdown 

Now that the NFL has released the schedule for the 2024, it’s already time to start looking for winners. I start my journey for profits betting NFL football by looking at team win totals and conference and Super Bwl futures once the schedule is released. Let’s start today by breaking down the schedules for the top 5 NFL teams.

Kansas City Chiefs

After securing back-to-back Super Bowl victories, the Kansas City Chiefs have undeniably established themselves as the best team in the NFL. While their schedule for the upcoming season is of average difficulty, this is misleading. Kansas City Chiefs schedule odds to win Super BowlThe reason for this is the lack of strong competition within their division, which significantly skews the perception of their schedule’s toughness. They have to play every team in the AFC North which is arguably the best division in the league, and they also play the 49ers, Bills and Texans, none of which will be easy matchups. There are some good things with their schedule – they will be getting extended rest heading into four of their toughest games, which is good for some of their older players like Travis Kelce who will turn 35 in October. The Chiefs are 6-1 to win the Super Bowl at FanDuel, but have a very short pre-season price of -230 to win the AFC West

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are coming off one of their best seasons in recent years, finishing at the top of their division and reaching the AFC Championship game, where they ultimately fell to the Chiefs. Lamar Jackson had an outstanding season, winning the MVP award despite lacking standout receivers apart from rookie Zay Flowers and a washed-up Odell Beckham Jr. Baltimore Ravens schedule odds to win Super BowlWhile they have one of the league’s best tight ends in Mark Andrews, his absence due to injury during the entire playoff run was a significant setback. The bye week may be the only thing the Ravens have to look forward to with their schedule because it is brutal. This year, the Ravens have one of the latest bye weeks in the league at Week 14, giving them a well-timed rest period if they are in playoff contention, which could be crucial for their postseason aspirations. They have the 2nd toughest schedule in the league being in arguably the NFL’s best division, where they have to play the Steelers, Bengals and Browns twice a year and if that wasn’t enough, they have to play the Chiefs, Cowboys and Bills, all which will be tough matchups. The Ravens are +950 to win the Super Bowl. 

San Francisco 49ers

Following a strong season that saw them finish at the top of their division and secure the #1 seed in the NFC, the team experienced a disappointing conclusion with a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII. There are some bright spots to look at for the 49ers this season. They finally found their guy in Brock Purdy, who was a diamond in the rough, and Christan McCaffery, who is arguably the best running back in the league. San Francisco 49ers schedule odds to win Super BowlTheir receiving core is also one of the best in the NFL with Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk, but they could be looking to move one of them because it will be tough for them to pay both. The 49ers face a challenging schedule this season, but they will catch a break starting in Week 4 with back-to-back games against the Patriots and Cardinals. This begins a six-week period during which they will have only one road game, providing some relief during their tough schedule. A negative is they will face four teams coming off a bye, the highest in the NFL, including the Chiefs and Cowboys in consecutive weeks starting in Week 7. Additionally, they have a tough two-game road trip starting in Week 12 at Green Bay, followed by Buffalo. The 49ers are the favorite to win the Super Bowl at +550 and are even bigger favorites to win the NFC Championship at just +250.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills have enjoyed several strong seasons, but have consistently fallen short, largely due to Patrick Mahomes. Despite having the tools for a Super Bowl run, they couldn’t quite get there. Now, with the loss of Stefon Diggs, Josh Allen finds himself without a primary target, further complicating their championship aspirations. Buffalo Bills schedule odds to win Super BowlLooking at their schedule this year, a positive is they face the Patriots twice in the final three weeks, a team they’ve dominated. If the Bills need crucial wins late in the season, they’ll be glad to finish with two games against New England in three weeks. But that is about the only bright spot with them having the 7th toughest schedule in the league, which includes an especially brutal stretch where they play the Chiefs and 49ers back-to-back. The Bills are tied for the 4th spot in the future betting odds to win the Super Bowl at +1300. 

Cincinnati Bengals

Rounding out my Top 5 NFL teams for 2024 are the Bengals, who endured a challenging season last year due to Joe Burrow‘s injury, resulting in them being the only team in their division to miss the playoffs. Despite this setback, they find themselves on my top 5 list, highlighting the significant impact Burrow makes as one of the league’s best quarterbacks. Cincinnati Bengals schedule odds to win Super BowlWith “Joe Cool” at the helm and supported by star receivers like Jamar Chase and a potentially re-signed Tee Higgins, the Bengals have a promising chance to reach new heights this season. The Bengals have a pretty tough schedule this season being in the best division in the league, the AFC North. But a positive is they get to start off easy with teams like Patriots, Commanders and Panthers all in the first month of the season. The toughest thing, and the difference whether they can make the playoffs, is how they will fare in the most competitive division in the NFL. The Bengals are +1300 to win the Super Bowl and are nearly neck-in-neck with Baltimore to win the AFC North. 


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